Hong Kong Private Company Limited

> Government charge 

> Documents for Registration

> Company seal

> First-year Corporate Secretarial Service

> Documents for Account Opening 

> Article of Association 

 HKD$3,480 up 

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Corporate Secretarial Services

> One-year Corporate Secretarial 

> Preparing and submitting statutory documents, including annual returns form 

> Advice about and assistance with Preparation of documents concerning changes of corporate structures 

> Consultation Services 

> Virtual office 

 HKD$2,800 up 

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Tax Filing and Audit Services

> Filing of Tax Return  

> Reports

> Financial statements 

 HKD$7,500 up 

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Offshore Company Registration:
(Location selection: BVI, Samoa, Seychelles)

> Company Registration Package: Business Registration Certificate, Company seal, Articles of Association, Certificate of Incorporation 

> 5 copies of company’s Articles of Association 

> Company stock 

> Statutory book 

> Company steel seal, signature seal and Round stamp 

 HKD$8,880 up 

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Purchase of shelf company/ Readymade company

> Quick change of Company Name 

> Quick change of Company Information 

> E-registry account  

> Documents for Account Opening 

 HKD$2,800 up 

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Corporate Consulting

> The BUD Fund (Dedicated Fund on Branding, Upgrading and Domestics Sales) 

> SME Fund (SME Export Marketing Fund) 

> D-Biz (Distance Business Programme) 

 HKD$7,500 up 

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Immigration Consultation

Marketing planning

Web design

Brand management

Trademarks Registration

Exhibition Service Consulting



Trust or Company Service Provider Licence